Arlington MA Votes YES to Property Tax Override

Voting June 7th 2011

Arlington Votes Are In!

It may be difficult for some homeowners to accept the value in this vote, considering their property tax rate will increase following yesterday’s vote… But there is an important correlation between education and home values.


This vote does impact schools in Arlington, the schools would have been impacted by having to cut back on the amount of teachers employed.  However with the vote in favor of the property tax increase, the school budget remains funded.  The school system and the education provided in Arlington, MA  has remained strong over the years and is an important catalyst for people to move here from surrounding towns.  I know of one REALTOR® who mentioned a client was waiting to decide on placing an offer on an Arlington home until they heard the results of this election.  School systems are important factor for many people when buying a home.  Towns often struggle with their budgets to ensure services are provided, fortunately a few remain fiscally healthy and can support educational systems. By doing so, it makes moving to Arlington MA and other towns in Massachusetts worthwhile…

For more information please read the article from the “Arlington Patch”.

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