Being Prepared For Unseemly Weather… HURRICANE!

Living in New England can be challenging with the weather changing at a moment’s notice.  Thankfully we can receive plenty of advanced warning of storms, allowing us to be prepared…using various websites on our home computers to smart-phone applications, we are able to understand at our finger-tips upcoming weather related events.

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene

My reason for this blog post is to address some things people can do to prepare the home and your family for the upcoming inclement weather.  Take time to walk around your home and make sure your gutters are clear with down spouts facing away from the foundation.  If you have storm windows, be sure to close storm windows and inspect your windows in lower level rooms, making sure that your window wells are clear, closed if needed and that there is no debris in the way that may hamper drainage.  For homes having garages located beneath the home, inspect the drains outside of the garage to ensure there is no back-up of water into the home.  Check your in basement drainage systems, sump-pumps, making sure they are on and ready for potential basement flooding.  For those who have experienced basement flooding (remember Spring 2010), think of where you experienced the most issues and make sure those areas are secured.

People may not consider the impact of clearing the sewage drains located curbside, but having these cleared can reduce flooding issues on your street.  Be sure to take down loose or un-grounded yard items, such as umbrellas, tables, chairs, etc. to avoid any damage.

Lastly, please make sure that you and those who may not be able to leave the home during a weather emergency are prepared.  Good items to have with you in a weather emergency include, water, non perishable foods, batteries (rechargeable a plus) and more… see link below.

Emergency Preparedness Kit

I wish you all the very best, please be safe…

Kindest regards,

James Trano, Realtor®

For more information on emergency services in Massachusetts, click on the link below…

Massachusetts Emergency Manage Agency ((M.E.M.A.)

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