Blockbuster Movies and Real Estate, What Do They Have in Common?

Home Staging - Century 21 StyleA blockbuster movie in Massachusetts! Is this the movie of your home, with beautiful scenery, a professional in the director’s seat and more?  Or, do you feel like there’s something missing from the start, was pre-production leaving you flat, the crew show lack-luster passion for the story of your home? Leaving you feeling like you’re home has been cast in a B-movie?

When home buyers look at your home you need to feel confident that your home has the proper support needed to be a BLOCKBUSTER!  What makes a great movie is your agent, their direction, the professional staff they bring, the scenery (your home), the marketing plan and how everything comes together.

Consider pre-production, as getting the scenery or stage ready prior to photography and the big show (the Open House).   Before the property can be delivered to the public, a home needs to be properly staged.  If you have a dedicated agent working with you, they are eager to make the property look it’s best.  This may include, de-cluttering, de-personalizing and establishing curb appeal.  Home staging of course can be done by the homeowner, an agent and/or with the assistance of a professional staging company.

Simple Rules To Follow

1. De-clutter,  the fewer furniture pieces the better, creates appearance of a larger room

2. Reduce wall hangings and personal items, giving a home buyer vision of what their furniture will look like

3. Fix the small things, replace damaged lights, etc.

4. Curb appeal, often, the first 30 seconds impacts the buyer

Home Staging - Learn how to decorate for home saleConsider the story you’re trying to tell;  a home that helped raise a family, a starter home you’ve grown out of that’s great for a young family or single owner or maybe a place made for the person(s) ready to downsize.  Let your agent be both the director & the narrator to convey the story and have the passion to do so.

In a big-screen movie, each scene is meticulously prepared to entice the audience.  The photographs taken can tell the story and having a quality virtual tour acts as your movie trailer.  The professionals your agent brings to the table, helps make your premier a success!

Now…About real estate, can we draw similarities to selling a home…? There’s the staging, what happens behind the scenes, the cast and most importantly…The Home! A Diva, an Action Star or Drama Queen, it’s all in the preparation and promoting.

Once you have the right person working along side you, you may have yourself a BLOCKBUSTER!

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