Lexington Single Family Home Sales – 6 Month Review! 2013 vs 2014

If you wanted to know what Home Sales in Lexington were looking like this year, well here you go. Overall home sales have continued to grow with improvements in most areas. Although sales of single family homes were down 37 properties against last year in the same 6 months, sales volume was only down by… Read More

Home Market Sales Report – Arlington, Belmont, Lexington, Watertown and More

Since Fall of 2012, real estate agents were aggressively seeking homeowners interested selling their homes.  We are now practically in Summer 2013 and the need for homes continues to grow.  Interest rates remain at all-time low when compared to a the past 20 years, granting home buyers an opportunity to buy more home for the… Read More

Being Prepared for Bad Weather!

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Recommended actions people can take to minimize the potential damage from storms Prior to a storm, outdoor objects such as trash barrels, lawn furniture, and other items that can be displaced by high winds should be secured or brought inside. In highly flood-prone areas, keep materials on hand like sandbags,… Read More

Joey’s Park – A Benefit Walk In Belmont!

It’s not often you have the opportunity to be a part of something special, but this coming Sunday, October 14, you can help raise money for a park that has brought joy to many children, in and out of Belmont.  Joey’s park was constructed in 1989, in the memory of Joey O’Donnell, a Winn Brook… Read More

Arlington Home Sales Numbers! Winning Big Time!

After reviewing home sales numbers for the 3rd quarter 2012, Arlington comes in strong among the Boston suburbs…  The number of homes sold in the third quarter has increased each year for the past three years.  In a year to date comparison with 2011,  34 more single family homes (232) have sold this year, 11… Read More

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