For Sale By Owner… FSBO – Why choose a Realtor to assist….?

In the past few months I have been working to inform property owners about pricing their homes accordingly in this market.  To clarify for some, when a homeowner markets their property for sale its termed a FSBO (or For Sale By Owner). Its not a matter of will the home sell its matter of how long will it take and what can be done to ensure the best return.

My associates have shared their experiences with me and I tend to agree with them that some sellers attach a certain sentiment to their property that clouds the true value of their home.  By doing so, a home is often over priced and remains available for several months, driving the price down, far below what should have been the selling price.  When an agent prepares a proper Market Analysis using MLS and their knowledge of the region they work within, a proper price can be applied making the home attractive to agents and consumers alike.

Buyers are looking for a home based upon their needs and not that of the person selling their home.  An agent can assist a seller in understanding how to prepare a home for sale (presentation).  It isn’t necessary to go through elaborate changes to make a home more attractive to a buyer, in some cases these changes may turn off a buyer.  An example, a home I previewed had marble tile through the kitchen and into the dining room. This elaborate change was done with the belief that it would attract more buyers, but it only limited those who may have found the property attractive with hardwood.

The process of selling a home is a daunting experience, wrought with time needed to market, prepare paperwork, address buyer agent questions, meet fire department requirements, hold open house tours and address issues at closing.  I know I left out many other concerns, specifically the marketing piece. Ultimately, selling a home is an emotional ordeal and for some people having an agent work on your behalf can make the stress of the process much less draining.

If you choose to move forward and market your property alone, you may always ask for the assistance of a Realtor in understanding if you are pricing according to market values.  Additionally, you may offer buyer agents a commission to bring their clients by your home.  Buyer agents operate with the same loyalty to their clients and should also be qualifying their clients, so that any showings you have may end up being productive.

Best of Luck!

  • yep.. comes down to simply help sellers or buyers with the papers works

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