Home Repairs, Rebuild…RESTRAINT! What Needs To Be Done Before Selling!

Its a common misconception among many homeowners that in order to sell your home you have to install the new granite counter-top, update your bathroom, replace this, that and the other thing…. But really, what you need to do is address the smaller things that need fixing, the noticeable issues that stand out, that will make an impact.

I understand that the big PINK elephant that is your bathroom tile may not sit well with everyone, but there are simple fixes that can address that issue.  If you have good tile, that really doesn’t need replacing… re-glaze it!  Your bathroom will appear brighter and give it a whole new look.  Its not a fun thing to do and you may not want to do it, but removing old wallpaper and putting a nice neutral color may relieve your interior from a dated appearance.  In a kitchen there can be many small changes that will enhance the overall appearance, paint, lighting and cabinet hardware.  These may not make your kitchen look like new, but buyers may see themselves living there and not having to spend allot from the onset…

Be sure to state clearly and honestly the conditions of your home… It may seem painful, because everyone loves their home.  However, in doing so you relieve buyers from wanting to negotiate with you concerns you have already disclosed.

  • Nick Danger

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