Home Buying…Online, or In-Person

Home buying online or  in person… It’s incredible how many people shop for a home online, and exclude other properties they may otherwise find just as appealing, if they visited them in person.

As a real estate agent, I know how hard we work to best present a property online.  Home sellers deserve the best photography, video tours and floor-plans.  I believe this completely, and as a buyers agent…I know that having these tools are very helpful.  However, visiting a home helps you gain a whole new perspective, and you don’t want to miss out on a home you just love.

houses-near-train-tracksA home may be beautiful on the inside and on the outside, but what aren’t you seeing… I know I’ve been surprised by having a train only feet away from the backyard of a home. Something that was not mentioned in the property description.  Power lines are often excluded, as to discourage you from visiting the property. Of course these are only a couple of issues you may find.

What concerns me most, a buyer may miss out on a home because of what they are not seeing. The neighbor hood may be fantastic, the commute may be wonderful and the even though the home isn’t what they want…it may be ready for a face-lift and become the home they love.

When you are able to visit a property, you often get a better understanding of the home. You can hear the sounds of the neighborhood, better understand the layout of the home and in some cases, have a vision of what the home could be if you get it at the right price (budgeting is key).  90% of home shoppers use the internet first, when beginning their home search.  This is a fact.  Whether you are at home or at work, home searching is at your fingertips.

Below are some fine examples of homes buyers may have excluded from their search, if solely looking online. But, look how attractive each property became with a little effort.

Kitchen Renovation



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