Home Staging!

Eight Seconds! And a First Opinion is Born!

Home Staging!

I can assist you or recommend someone to you to help in highlighting your home’s best features.  There are some simple rules you need to follow when preparing your home for sale.  One of the most important things you must understand is that not everyone holds the same value on updates you may have made or want to make.


That being said, some design ideas affecting your interior may captivate a buyer when they enter your house.  Additionally, the impression your property delivers when a buyer first pulls up must also be inviting.


  1. Tidy Up – Rake the leaves, sweep your walkway and leave the front steps clear of mess
  2. Color Splash – Add seasonal flowers if possible, weed the front trim, shape the shrubbery and remove any that appear withered
  3. Fresh Cut – a fresh cut lawn on an Open House day is inviting, edge the walkway for a manicured appearance
  4. Remove Clutter – Address old trash cans, gardening supplies, toys, etc
  5. Face-lift – If possible, a fresh coat of paint, new welcome mat and such will make the home more inviting
  6. Functionality – Be sure to repair and broken glass, light bulbs, door bells or loose pave stones
  7. Consider the Rear-View – You may have buyers with or without children that see a yard as a benefit and having it tidy, bright and colorful would be a plus


When the Buyer steps into your home, they need to feel the warmth of you home inviting them to take new ownership.  As they enter the foyer, it’s important that they feel the desire to view the remainder of the home.  There are several items on the following checklist that can guide you to success!

  1. Clean Up – Be sure to clean your home from top to bottom, including closets, drawers, cabinets, window frames, etc.  Your guests will be looking to see if their personals will fit in your closets and be sure to clean hardwood floors completely; it’s always nice to see…
  2. Objective View – Take time to walk through your home and determine if you need to paint rooms, repair or replaced anything damaged (window pane, chair rails, etc)
  3. De-Clutter and De-Personalize – The more you have on the floor the smaller your home appears to potential buyers.  By removing superfluous furniture and leaving only the needed pieces your home appears more spacious and neat.  Additionally, removing personal pictures and family heirlooms allow the buyer to picture themselves and their family living in the home.
  4. Open Windows – Of course this is best done in the Spring through Fall on seasonal days, letting fresh air wash away the smell of house pets, should you have any.
  5. Make it Cozy – Adjust the thermostat to make it comfortable for buyers to linger and if in the Winter, you may want to light the fireplace.
  6. Awaken Other Senses – Scented candles are a nice touch or baking of cookies provide a delightful aroma.
  7. Lighten Up – Pull open the shades, turn on the lights in all corners of the house.

Finally, when all is said and done… I will be there to represent you by making the buyers feel welcomed in your home.  I will represent you and promote your property on your open house days.

Staging your home is an important aspect of selling your home.  It delivers your home to the general public as comfortable, attractive and well-cared for.

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