Springtime Listings Are Coming!

With the warmer weather coming, homeowners are feeling better about listing their homes for sale.  In the past few weeks a gradual increase in available properties has been increasing, making some home buyers more than happy, considering the threat of increasing buyer interest rates. Here are a few cities/towns just outside Boston and the recent… Read More

Home Buying & Selling During The Holidays!

Any time of the year, including the holiday season, properties do exchange hands. Just two years ago, I sold a house on Christmas day. My client and I weren’t in the same state. The offer was negotiated, accepted, and with the help of scanned documents, signed.  Associates of mine have stories of helping both buyers… Read More

It’s the Right Time To Buy…Is it Your Time?

August 31, 2012 – It’s a good thing, really it is… Recent national news articles, including our local newspaper, the Boston Globe, are indicating that the market is getting stronger.  This means that Home Owners are feeling more comfortable about selling their homes, now that home value/prices have improved. I know what you must be… Read More

Lead Paint Information for the Investment Buyer & Landlord

Owning residential investment property – property you do not occupy or a multi-family home where you occupy one of a number of units  – can be a rewarding and wealth building proposition.  However, as most things that have reward, it also has risks. In 1971 Massachusetts passed a law regarding Lead Paint.  In 1994 it… Read More

Holiday Shopping…Home Buying!

Home shopping this season has been sparse this season and not due to the lack of buyers… There’s a low volume of properties available to choose from, many buyers are looking for more bang for the buck and getting disappointed.  However, there are some homes being left on the market, that with some rehab can be considered… Read More

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