Lexington Single Family Home Sales – 6 Month Review! 2013 vs 2014

If you wanted to know what Home Sales in Lexington were looking like this year, well here you go. Overall home sales have continued to grow with improvements in most areas. Although sales of single family homes were down 37 properties against last year in the same 6 months, sales volume was only down by… Read More

Danger…Appraisals Ahead!

We’re in a challenging marketplace…because of the low inventory, home prices are increasing month over month since January 2013, driven by home buyers eager to take advantage of incredibly low interest rates. Since Fall 2012, Arlington and surrounding community home prices have increased by approx.  3-5%, due to high demand for housing in our area…. Read More

Arlington MA – Home Sales Report – Forecasting Strong Numbers for QE3 2012

The end of the third quarter is coming soon and articles are being written speculating what the housing market will be in the coming months. In Arlington MA, sales have shown steady growth in 2012 when compared to the same period in 2011.  Home prices were elevated in 2011, as sellers attempted to recoup value… Read More

Belmont Home Sellers Rejoice!

There’s great news happening in Belmont…residents interested in selling their homes are benefiting from a strong market! The market reflects stronger sales in Belmont comparing information from 2010 to 2011, leaving a strong indication that 2011 will finish stronger than the previous 12 month period ending December 31, 2010.  A decrease of more than 35% in… Read More

Are There Summer Real Estate Doldrums? Not in Arlington…

The summer can be a challenging time for both home buyers and sellers.  As the seasons changed from Spring to Summer, you would have expected a fall off in the market.  However, sales remain healthy for buyers taking advantage of good interest rates and for sellers welcoming motivated buyers, seeking good homes to purchase. As… Read More

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