Under Agreement – Talking Real Estate

“Under Agreement – Talk Real Estate” is an endeavor of mine with my associate Adam Rosenbaum, REALTOR®, to bring needed information to Buyers and Sellers.  We hope you enjoy each of our episodes as we explore questions from consumers we’ve met and emails we received.

We’ll be speaking with Mortgage & Legal professionals regarding the transaction itself; informing consumers about various rules, regulations, financing & legal issues. In addition, we’ll be speaking with Service Professionals; talking with Pest Inspectors, Home Inspectors, Electricians, Contractors, etc. It’s important to get the most information available before you commit to a large financial obligation and/or the tax implications of selling your home.

We look forward to answering your questions online via email or during our show!


Adam Rosenbaum – REALTORS®

Adam Rosenbaum

James C Trano – REALTORS®

James Trano

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